Friday, 25 November 2011

I know I missed !! day 17-18

I know I didn't post yesterday! It was a crazy day and I honestly just didn't get the time !! so I'll do two days in one for you today:)
Day 17 - A photo of you and your family.

My 'New' little family

My 'old' awesome family ( well they still my family we've just grown :)  sorry for the terrible picture!!!)

I also have other sets of Family ... My heart family who are all those wonderful people who have been there for me (who I don't have pictures of cos I'm at work but you know who you are * cough Sarah, Taz, Liesl, Nadia and NAB cough*) , my 'aangetroude' family who are lots of fun :) and of course my wide extended family who will always be close to my heart :)

Day 18 - Something you crave a lot.

I  miss Kung fu kitchen !! We used to eat the almost once a week if not more... still haven't found a place here that compares ( in price and in taste)

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