Monday, 21 November 2011

A bonus Post with a Christmas craft :)

As I have mentioned here and here I love Christmas. This year is the first time I've had my own home and am going to be in it for Christmas, Plus We're having guests . With all this in mind I have been trying to create Decorations on a very limited budget. I thought I'd share one of these projects with you :)

Before we continue I must warn you that the title of this poswas almost ' Emma does crafts in her PJ's' so I apologize in advance for the many shots that seem to have my wonderful pink striped pj's in them!

I made an advent Calender. I cannot claim this idea as my on as I saw it on another blog (although I can't remember which one to link it too , so if I stole your idea I apologize)

this was a very cheap project and came out quite well (in my opinion) plus it can be reused year after year !

You will need:
a Frame (with the glass removed)
wrapping paper (of your choice)
a peg
Double sided tape (the thin kind /or you could use glue)
Christmas printouts
Paper Punch

I started off by cutting out my number cards. I made these by Google-ing Christmas pictures and putting numbers in them (1-25). I use a program called Photo-scape which is a fantastic free Photo-editing tool that you can download by clicking here. Its pretty self explanatory but I use the editor tab and add text to the pictures. I saved them as J-peg files and printed them onto one paper using MSWord (just insert picture and make them the size you want them to be )
(sorry for the blurry picture!)

I then took the glass out of my frame and wrapped the back like you would a present.

When I was done I put it back in the frame.

Next up I painted my Peg ( you could skip that if your peg is the color you wanted) and stuck it in my wrapped frame. I used the double sided tape for this but glue would work just as well!

the white patch you see was covering for the tape. The tape is clear so I left it on like that to show where to put it

take one of your pre-cut number cards and attach it to your peg! 
and voila you have an advent Calender :)

To keep all the cards together I took an Envelope and punched a hole in it

I attached a little bit of ribbon to the envelope, put the extra cards inside and hung it on the picture hanging attachment on the back of my frame:

So there are some (hopefully) simple instructions on how to make an advent calender :) I thought it was pretty awesome , My husband disagreed and said it needed chocolate! So to make it fair we got some mini Christmas chocolates to go with it :) Hope it helps!! Sorry for the terrible pictures ! I was using my phone (I really need to charge the camera batteries!!) I'm thinking i might spray paint the frame a different color and add the words "days to Christmas" to the bottom of the frame. Any thoughts?

p.s. If you make one for yourself I'd love to see it :)

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