Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 7 - Wedding reflections

Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

Seeing as I'm already married posting about my dream wedding is kind of a moot point. I had my dream wedding (for the most part) so i'll share some pics and then explain what I would have changed and why :)

Before we got engaged I really wanted a Pale yellow/blue/pink wedding in a garden somewhere ( this after my friend got married and used the Burgandy and other elements I was totally in love with :) yes Sarah Creed I mean you ;) ). But after finding my dress, which turned out to be ivory, the pale yellow vision didn't quite fit anymore. Which is how we ended up with Cream and Gold.

My biggest requirement was I wanted an Old church with a center Aisle. After checking out lots(and I mean lots) of options we found the perfect church in the middle of Downtown Pretoria of all places

My folks were wonderful!

as was our awesome Bridal party 

and all in all it was a wonderful day!! 

The only things i would have possibly changed was to have had an outside reception (but considering it pored with rain on our day I'm glad we didn't take the risk)

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