Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Babies & Boredom ....

With the new arrival of my good friends Baby Girl ( who's picture I won't put up cos I don't have any but take it from me she's pretty cute ), Babies have been a topic of conversation in our lives for the past few days. Its starting to feel like I can't turn on the T.V. cos all the programmes have babies and the fact that there seems to be something in the water here in WHK because everywhere you look are Prams and Pregnant tummies!!!

and before anyone gets excited this is not a post to announce I'm Pregnant cos I most definitely am not !!! :) I've just been thinking about what it means to bring a child into the world. There is so much stuff out there for babies and it all seems so expensive! plus it takes up so much space! for anyone who's ever come to visit us will now that although we live very comfortably there won't be much room should we add a little person into the mix.Its such a responsibility! 

so in my boredom I've been looking at some baby setups that are pretty cool ( in my opinion) although I'm not sure if I'd go as all out as some of the places I found :) Enjoy
i thought this was super Practical :) (and pretty :) )
apparently stripes are a recurring theme ;)

I LOVE the bedding/curtains :)

Minimalist fantasticness ( i know that's not a word but it should be :) !!! 

at least I know I'll be prepared (right? maybe I'm just a little crazy and have too much time on my hands ;) ). 

Monday, 15 August 2011

Paperwork = :(

I am of the firm opinion that paperwork kills the human Spirit! Any enthusiasm one might feel about starting a new project fades into absolute despair the minute there is paperwork required to turn it into reality! Thinking of starting a new business? you must draw up a business plan (paperwork = :( ) want to run a community project? you first need to draw up a detailed proposal and budget ( Paperwork = :( )
its enough to make anyone go a bit crazy!!

now don't get me wrong, I understand the need to prepare properly for things and not all paperwork is bad in the long run,it just frustrates me that I have to keep writing proposal after proposal to get anything done, and its not like these things get accepted the first time either! more often than not they get sent back for teeny tiny alterations ! sigh...

anyway ... I better get back to all my paperwork ;)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

shocked and surprised:)

When I first started thinking about a blog I thought no-one would be interested in reading what i have to say cos lets face it my life is kinda boring :)

So imagine my surprise when I look at the stats and the site has been viewed 33 times in just two days of being live!!!

OK I'm the first person to realise that that actually isn't all that great considering some blogs get 1000's of hits per day but I thought it was pretty cool :) so ...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7 Months already!!

Its crazy to think that we've been married for 7 months already!
We were talking about it last night and are so grateful that the transition from dating ....

To married life has been so easy :). With all the upheaval of me relocating to a new country and all the paperwork and job hunting that came along with it , we have been incredibly blessed through the whole transition !  

Thank you to all those who have prayed for us and supported us through the changes and here's hoping the next 70 years are as blessed and enjoyable as the first 7 months :)

Hello World :)

I thought it was about time to find a creative outlet to let all our friends and family (and anyone else who might be interested) get a look into our (very ordinary :) ) lives.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring with us as we move forward :)