Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The roof!!!

Building has ,over the last few weeks, trickled down to all but a standstill. There have been issues with plumbers and electricians which resulted in hold ups in other area's of the build (i.e. the plastering cannot be finished as the electrician still needs to finish putting in plug boxes). So needless to say its been quite frustrating for us especially as we're living very close to the site and can see what does(or doesn't) happen on a daily basis.
But yesterday was a fantastic building day! the roof is FINALLY here!! Our house has got three separate roof sections. There are two flat roof sections (over the kitchen side and the bedroom side.You can look at a layout in this post)then a 'pointed' roof over the living area. For a while we've had roof trusses in place and most of the roof sheets on the flat sections
(see below)
Well here is the same view now. All plastered/roofed and pretty :)


And yesterday I arrived to find this
The Centre Trusses have arrived and were put up :) The roof sheeting for them will go up today and we will have a completed roof!!!
I must admit I was very glad it wasn't me who had to stand up on the scaffolding and hold them in place. I was getting dizzy just watching them from my safe perch firmly on solid ground.
It's finally starting to come together and we can now see more clearly what the facade of the house is going to look like :)
thankfully the trusses counter the overly high wall feeling I mentioned before . I'm so excited for it to be finished! And now the builders take a three week break for Christmas holiday !! AAAGGGGH!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Brain Dump

I keep starting posts and then not getting around to finishing them, mainly cos they require some kind of effort on my part (researching facts/finding pictures). So today you a going to be Privy to one of the laziest post's I'll probably ever write, because its all I can drag out of my brain at the moment
1) Can this year end already!!! I know it's flown by but this last little bit seems to be flying but crawling along at the same time! It probably doesn't help that I'm not going on leave either
2) Today we need to bake a wedding cake for my brother and sister in laws reception Saturday.... PRESSURE!!! I really hope it works first time other wise its going to be a long late night of baking :)
3) I miss my friends and Family that are far away TONS right now ! COME VISIT PEOPLE!!!
4) Pinterest is awesome !!
5) This house building thing feels like we've hit a wall ! I just want things to start moving again ! plus we need to pick paint colours and I keep second guessing my choices! any one with Interior design Experience want to help?
6) Why can't people just be nice to each other for heavens sake!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pinterest Craft Night :)

Seeing as many of my friends are totally hooked on Pinterest it was only natural to at some point get our booties in gear and try our hand at making some of the fantastic things we pin :) I've already entered this realm before with joining in on the Pinterest Challenge (you can see my previous attempts here and here) and this time wanted it to be a more social occasion.
I got in touch with some of my crafty friends who were close by and we decided to have a craft night.
Meet Liesl...
and Mia...
who were awesome enough to agree to the plan. We jumped backwards and forwards about how we were going to do it. We debated about everyone choosing something off their boards they wanted to make or choosing something collectively which we could all try together :) We ended up deciding on the latter and decided to make the angels you see below.(you can find the original Pin Here)
As this was an etsy Listing there weren't any instructions so we had to wing it a little bit . There was also the slight hangup of not being able to find any natural coloured tongue depressors and ending up with the craziest coloured ones ever!
We painted and ate and chatted and glued and had an awesome evening. Our little angels were surprisingly time consuming to make but in the end I think the turned out to be very cute :)
Here is our 'choir" as we christened them:)
My angels are now at home hanging out happily on our Christmas tree.
We're very excited for Christmas (the trees been up since middle November:)) and the angels add a perfect touch of home-made fun.
We enjoyed it so much we're talking about making it a more regular thing, so here's hoping there'll be many more fun craft nights ahead :)