Monday, 26 November 2012

Building Updates

Things are (slowly) happening in the process. Again not very quickly (much to my frustration) but we're getting there. All the walls ,with the exception of the small wall over the engineered beam at the back which still needs to be inspected are up! As are the roof trusses over the two side 'wings'.
We've even got a few roof sheets up (can you hear the Angels singing!!) just in time for the first rain.
We've come to realise that this house is actually a lot bigger than we anticipated it would be... those extra long walls in the middle are 4.2 metre's high PLUS they're still getting exposed roof trusses on to which should at the highest point be about 6 metres high!! I'm going to need a VERY long feather duster to clean up there:)
The other nice thing is that the wall between us and the Neighbour is also done on both sides.its nice to have the privacy back and again it's a BIG wall!
This is how it looks as of this morning. They've started plastering the outside of the house and are moving along nicely. Hopefully this week they'll be able to finish the roof so the electrician can finish putting in the junction boxes. The Plumbing is also being done and should hopefully also be finished by the end of the week.
Building a house is definitely not for the faint hearted! there have been so many setbacks along the way. I just hope its all worth the drama in the end :)

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