Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The madness !!!

Hi friends
Just dropping in to share some snapshot of life at the moment :) they are building on at our office so as I write this there are grinders going and lots of dust and noise! Due to this a lot of rearranging is happening ! my office has become the catch-all for a lot of the stuff . The shelves that were in the main room have been moved into my office but have not yet been fixed to the wall. so they look a bit like this

which means all the things that are usually on the shelves are now strewn around my office :

lets just say its not exactly conducive to much work :) sigh...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday, 16 April 2012

back again

I'm Starting to feel like a crazy person :) I was in Tanzania last week for business meetings and due to unreliable wifi ( at the times I wanted to blog), it has once again been a week since I have had the chance. I got back Friday afternoon completely exhausted and spent most of the weekend trying to get my confused body to go back to Namibian time ( and not wake up at 4 in the morning )

No pictures unfortunately (all I really got to see was the airport and the hotel where the meetings were :( ) but it was a good trip.

Friday, 6 April 2012

two weeks later

I started writing this post two weeks ago. I started with the photo edits and then.... nothing!!!! OK not nothing. As I mentioned on Monday I've had a crazy couple weeks!! I was alone at work for two weeks (over month end might I add), our work car had an accident and was a write off (which meant I had to do all the driving and sort out the insurance stuff on top of my usual work) , I fought with Home affairs to get a visa for gentleman coming to do M&E for us  ( which is a whole different post), pre-tested a research questionnaire for a Survey I'm heading up to research, with the WHO, the alcohol marketing practises among youth in Nam (and had to enter all the data!!! I was having flashbacks to Honour's year thesis!!!) and spent a VERY interesting week in a conference with organisations all related to Sex workers.... oh and I'm going to Tanzania for a week for training on the a fore mentioned research.

did I mention I'm also trying to start a business?? cos I'm crazy like that :) to launch said business I need to develop a portfolio which is what the photo's below illustrate. (p.s.please Go like my Facebook page )

the computer is essential :) As is a good buddy on Skype on the other side to talk too while you work 
( hi Sarah *waving*)

I basically sat in that open space in the middle of that semi-circle and worked.. 

and then I ran out of glue... and the room looked like that for the next week...


We also decided to tweak some furniture in the bedroom ... I mentioned my enjoyment with moving furniture here . we had some teeny tiny side tables that were two low for the bed and needed some drawers. there was an extra drawer in the Chest of drawers and it was the right Height so we moved it so Willie could use it as a side table..

it used to live here under the shelf but I quite like the open feel it gives

I also moved the shelf in the bathroom from next to the toilet to under the sink ( mainly cos I could visualize my toothbrush falling into the loo when bumped the wrong way!)

But I actually kind of prefer it where it is now too... it needs to be painted or something to give it a bit more 'presence' but for a free shelf ( I shopped our house ) it's pretty good!

to un-wind a bit in amidst of all the chaos I did a bit of crochet :)

I made them for two awesome little people that belong to the awesome big people in our bible study :)

Whew!!! that was quite a recap!! hopefully it's not so long before I get a chance to post again :)
what you been up to lately??

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Monday, 2 April 2012

MIA but good news!

Hi All !
I know I have been MIA for the last week or so but I've been unbelievably busy at work and haven't had the time to eat most days let alone blog. I'll (hopefully) be back later with a longer post about whats been happening but for now I wanted to share that Lisa over at Sweet Talk Shop picked my T-shirt Scarf tutorial to feature over at her blog :) She also hosts an awesome Linky Party on Sundays so check that out :

this is my First feature so I'm VERY Excited :)
thanks Lisa