Friday, 26 April 2013

Baby Update: 25 weeks

How Far Along: 25w 6 days
Size of Baby: Baby Should weigh about 750g and be about 32cm long
Baby sprinkle is about the size of a eggplant
Picture of Baby:

Maternity Clothes: I put on a shirt today that buttoned up last week and today won't get anywhere close... no turning back now :)

Sleep:daylight savings has completely messed up my internal clock. I've been waking up at 4:30/5 and then I just fall asleep and my alarm goes off.

Best Moment of the Week: We got a pram (after MUCH deliberation) and the nursery is starting to come together. I need to break out the sewing machine this weekend and try and make some of the stuff on my ever growing list so wish me luck .
Movement: very regularly, especially after I eat
Symptoms: Pregnancy brain is CRAZY !! Its gotten so bad that I forget things in the process of picking up a pen to add it to my to-do list ... oy
Food Cravings: nope :)

What I Miss: well this isn't really something I miss but I seem to have crazy allergies and Sinus (which I'm told randomly enough is a pregnancy symptom). I'm miss not sneezing!
What I'm Looking Forward to:the weekend! some quiet time sounds like a good idea cos this week has been insanely busy!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Adventures in Nursery Land Part 1

I sure every new parent can agree that (if you have the space) it is so exciting to decorate and get ready for your impending bundle of joy. As a notorious over planner I started planning what I wanted before I was even pregnant and decided on Orange and Aqua/Blue as a colour scheme. This was all good and well when we thought we were not going to find out the Gender but when we found out Little Sprinkle was going to be a girl I wanted to 'girlify' the theme without making it too babyish as her room will still have to function as a guest room when we have visitors .
The Problem comes in when we were told that Sprinkle was a boy at our 16 w appointment... Doc said he was 98% sure of it but we should confirm at the Anatomy scan. Now when your doc says 98% you think its kind of a sure thing and I started buying a few things with my original colour scheme in mind. Imagine our surprise at the change a few weeks later when my little Boy was actually a little girl (a fact we had double checked. We have the 4D scan of girl bits to prove it ) .
Anyway I ramble on, In the Beginning we thought we would just go with a camp cot (or pack and Play for my American readers) as wooden Baby furniture was SO expensive... We are limited for options here in Namibia (there are only two specialist baby shops in the whole of Windhoek) and even a basic cot was over R2 000. Imagine our surprise when we went into a non baby store one day and found a Beautiful Wooden Cot for less than half that! Needless to say we bought it (at only 10 weeks pregnant) and stored it with the rest of our junk till we were ready to move. It was the first piece of furniture to go in the new house :)
Here it is still in it's box
W. Unpacking the flat pack and trying to find the instructions :)
My Dad Comes and Fixes things when he comes to Visit us and always ends up buying us some sort of tool cos our collection is rather Meagre. This time he got a little electric screw-driver (indicated by the arrow below). IT.IS.AWESOME!!! We fought over both enjoyed using it very much to put the cot together ;)
final finishing touches
there it is :)
it has been moved around as more furniture has been added to the room but so far I still am really happy with this choice. Its Small and has nice Simple lines that fit in with the rest of the pieces we have very well! Speaking of other Pieces I managed to Convince my wood-purist Hubby to let me paint the Dresser we have for the room. He's gotten so on board he even suggested we use Chalkboard paint . We got some of the Brand below (its an SA Brand... you can find more info on their Facebook page ).
Will def Give more info when we tackle that project :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Baby update: 24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 w 6 days, whoo hoo for managing to do this on time :)
Size of Baby:   Baby Should weigh about 650g and be about 30cm long
Baby sprinkle is about the size of a papaya
Picture of Baby:
I have some more Soner shots but I forgot the CD at home today (blame the pregnancy brain) so will hopefully remember next time. We also have a Video of our last scan which we finally got to work last night! Its so amazing to see how Sprinkle is developing (mom I'm trying to figure out how to make the file small enough to email ) 
Maternity Clothes: Are all that fits. People keep asking me when I'm due and I'm guessing its cos there is really no hiding this bump now. I'm really hoping I don't get to big (i have this irrational and completely vain fear of becoming huge) but as long as there is a healthy baby at the end of this I will deal with whatever comes my way:)

Sleep:todays not a good day to ask cos I didn't sleep very well last night and am feeling a bit wrecked this morning. I'm getting quite uncomfortable and I usually sleep on my tummy which,for obvious reasons, is not so viable any more.

Best Moment of the Week: Its been a productive week for which I am very thankful. I'm still working through an endelss mountain of holiday washing (it just doesn't seem to end) but otherwise weeks been pretty good. We got to unpack all of Sprinkles things into her Closet and this girl is going to have more clothes than she knows what to do with :) such a blessing!!
Movement: Movement is becoming a regular thing now (she's squirming as I type this). Its a wonderful but completely wierd sensation
Symptoms: HUGE Belly, Not great sleep, hunger, fatigue (walking up stairs to fast is a no-no if I want to breathe)
Food Cravings: not much.

What I Miss: sleeping late (although that has more to do with hyperactive puppies than pregnancy)
What I'm Looking Forward to: I'm really hoping to finally clear out the Random stuff from the babies room this weekend and start hanging some pictures to get my vision moving. All the stuff that didn't have a home ended up in there and while it is already looking MILES better there is on particular box of stuff that still has to be dealt with !


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Long overdue move in update

It feels like the blog has become nothing but Baby and Puppies lately ... In truth there has been so much going on its hard to process it all and the previous topics follow a fairly predictable pattern so I know what I need to say and when it needs to be said. Regardless many people have asked about our new home and how we are in enjoying it. It is still very much 'in progress' but certain area's are ready to be shown off.
Here it is on 'Moving day
We have now settled on a layout that works although our furniture looked minute in the big space. I also think we need a bigger rug under the table to ground the area more but we were working with what we had. This is a shot from the lounge side looking towards the front door. Passage to rooms/bathrooms is on the left.
View from the passage of the lounge/dining room/kitchen
 (for some reason the pillow on the couch looks pink... its actually red)
View from the front door towards the back. Please excuse the crazy puppies photo bombing (see if you can spot them ).
I still think this side of the room needs some art or something but like I said work in progress
this is the passage with my Family Mirror I made. This is one of my favourite spots in the house :)
hopefully things will settle more into a routine now and I'll be able to think of some more varied topics to blog about , but if not I hope you like baby's and puppy's cos  I have a lot of information on those to share too.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Its a ....

Copyright Blaw Photography
Baby Sprinkle is a Girl :)
We can't wait to meet her !!!

Copyright Blaw Photography

Baby update: week 23

How Far Along: 23 w 6 days ( actually 24w 2days, I'm late I know but I was on leave and had no access to internet. This post will be worth it)

Size of Baby:   On Friday , which is when this post should have been written, Baby Sprinkle weighed 596g .

Picture of Baby:
We were very fortunate to go for a 4D scan this last week that gave us some amazing shots of what our Baby will look like. Here are a few of the clearer ones as they were very shy and kept hiding behind the cord and putting both hands up in front of their face:)
hiding behind my hand and frowning cos I don't want my picture taken

Big Yawn...
Maternity Clothes: once again Edgars sale I LOVE you. Also inherited some more clothes from my Sis in Law so the options are good :) which helps since I am officially HUGE!!!!

Sneak peak from our gender reveal shoot ;)
Copyright Blaw Photography
Sleep: is ok... starting to get a bit uncomfortable so I wake up fairly often but I

fall back asleep pretty easily to so all in all its not too bad.

Best Moment of the Week: Gettting the 4d Scan, attending a beautiful wedding and having a fantastic surprise baby shower that I got to see special friends and family at.

Movement: all the time especially after I eat. W even got to Feel the movement :)

Symptoms:  heartburn has become a bit of a swear word... my goodness 
Food Cravings: loving me some chocolate :)

What I Miss: All the wonderful friends and Family we left behind in SA
What I'm Looking Forward to: sorting out Baby's room and continued positive Growth

P.s. Baby gender Announcement coming just as soon as I can figure out how to resize the photo's so they will load :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

baby update: 22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 w 6 days ( I'm on time today but only barely)
Size of Baby:  Baby Sprinkle is approximately 500g and 26 cm long. this is the approximate size of a Papaya :)

Picture of Baby:
Another 'unrealeased' photo from last weeks scan :)
Maternity Clothes: Found some of my more stretchy non preg jeans still fit! my woardrope grew ;)

I look huge in this picture!! I blame the ruffles ;)

Sleep: is awesome... especially when little puppies sleep through the night ;)

Best Moment of the Week: Today! its friday :)

Movement: all the time now... Baby stops though if Willie tries to feel
Symptoms:  same  

Food Cravings: I'm not craving anything specific but am hungry all the time. Luckily i don't seem to be gaining to much weight which is good!
What I Miss: a nice rare steak ;) and being able to bend over without seriuos discomfort.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Weddings and catching up. I'm on leave baby!!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013


For those who are not my face book friends let me introduce you to the cuteness overload I mentioned in my previous puppy post that joined our house this last week :)
Her name is Violet and she's a Pug. She is the epitome of cute and cuddly and we unofficially call her squishy or madam fluff :)
She's such a cutie pie but has a habit a crying (loudly) when left alone and is unfortunately an early riser ( 4am wake-ups for the past two day's eish!)
I'm sorry for the lack of updates (especially on the house and all the things happening there) but work has been crazy and with trying to potty train to stubborn puppy's, 106 progress reports I have to finsh for work by friday and life in general I'm to exhausted to do anything . I promise after our holiday I'll share some more details (including Baby's sex and Nursury plans :) )