Thursday, 18 April 2013

Long overdue move in update

It feels like the blog has become nothing but Baby and Puppies lately ... In truth there has been so much going on its hard to process it all and the previous topics follow a fairly predictable pattern so I know what I need to say and when it needs to be said. Regardless many people have asked about our new home and how we are in enjoying it. It is still very much 'in progress' but certain area's are ready to be shown off.
Here it is on 'Moving day
We have now settled on a layout that works although our furniture looked minute in the big space. I also think we need a bigger rug under the table to ground the area more but we were working with what we had. This is a shot from the lounge side looking towards the front door. Passage to rooms/bathrooms is on the left.
View from the passage of the lounge/dining room/kitchen
 (for some reason the pillow on the couch looks pink... its actually red)
View from the front door towards the back. Please excuse the crazy puppies photo bombing (see if you can spot them ).
I still think this side of the room needs some art or something but like I said work in progress
this is the passage with my Family Mirror I made. This is one of my favourite spots in the house :)
hopefully things will settle more into a routine now and I'll be able to think of some more varied topics to blog about , but if not I hope you like baby's and puppy's cos  I have a lot of information on those to share too.

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