Monday, 15 April 2013

Baby update: week 23

How Far Along: 23 w 6 days ( actually 24w 2days, I'm late I know but I was on leave and had no access to internet. This post will be worth it)

Size of Baby:   On Friday , which is when this post should have been written, Baby Sprinkle weighed 596g .

Picture of Baby:
We were very fortunate to go for a 4D scan this last week that gave us some amazing shots of what our Baby will look like. Here are a few of the clearer ones as they were very shy and kept hiding behind the cord and putting both hands up in front of their face:)
hiding behind my hand and frowning cos I don't want my picture taken

Big Yawn...
Maternity Clothes: once again Edgars sale I LOVE you. Also inherited some more clothes from my Sis in Law so the options are good :) which helps since I am officially HUGE!!!!

Sneak peak from our gender reveal shoot ;)
Copyright Blaw Photography
Sleep: is ok... starting to get a bit uncomfortable so I wake up fairly often but I

fall back asleep pretty easily to so all in all its not too bad.

Best Moment of the Week: Gettting the 4d Scan, attending a beautiful wedding and having a fantastic surprise baby shower that I got to see special friends and family at.

Movement: all the time especially after I eat. W even got to Feel the movement :)

Symptoms:  heartburn has become a bit of a swear word... my goodness 
Food Cravings: loving me some chocolate :)

What I Miss: All the wonderful friends and Family we left behind in SA
What I'm Looking Forward to: sorting out Baby's room and continued positive Growth

P.s. Baby gender Announcement coming just as soon as I can figure out how to resize the photo's so they will load :)

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