Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Adventures in Nursery Land Part 1

I sure every new parent can agree that (if you have the space) it is so exciting to decorate and get ready for your impending bundle of joy. As a notorious over planner I started planning what I wanted before I was even pregnant and decided on Orange and Aqua/Blue as a colour scheme. This was all good and well when we thought we were not going to find out the Gender but when we found out Little Sprinkle was going to be a girl I wanted to 'girlify' the theme without making it too babyish as her room will still have to function as a guest room when we have visitors .
The Problem comes in when we were told that Sprinkle was a boy at our 16 w appointment... Doc said he was 98% sure of it but we should confirm at the Anatomy scan. Now when your doc says 98% you think its kind of a sure thing and I started buying a few things with my original colour scheme in mind. Imagine our surprise at the change a few weeks later when my little Boy was actually a little girl (a fact we had double checked. We have the 4D scan of girl bits to prove it ) .
Anyway I ramble on, In the Beginning we thought we would just go with a camp cot (or pack and Play for my American readers) as wooden Baby furniture was SO expensive... We are limited for options here in Namibia (there are only two specialist baby shops in the whole of Windhoek) and even a basic cot was over R2 000. Imagine our surprise when we went into a non baby store one day and found a Beautiful Wooden Cot for less than half that! Needless to say we bought it (at only 10 weeks pregnant) and stored it with the rest of our junk till we were ready to move. It was the first piece of furniture to go in the new house :)
Here it is still in it's box
W. Unpacking the flat pack and trying to find the instructions :)
My Dad Comes and Fixes things when he comes to Visit us and always ends up buying us some sort of tool cos our collection is rather Meagre. This time he got a little electric screw-driver (indicated by the arrow below). IT.IS.AWESOME!!! We fought over both enjoyed using it very much to put the cot together ;)
final finishing touches
there it is :)
it has been moved around as more furniture has been added to the room but so far I still am really happy with this choice. Its Small and has nice Simple lines that fit in with the rest of the pieces we have very well! Speaking of other Pieces I managed to Convince my wood-purist Hubby to let me paint the Dresser we have for the room. He's gotten so on board he even suggested we use Chalkboard paint . We got some of the Brand below (its an SA Brand... you can find more info on their Facebook page ).
Will def Give more info when we tackle that project :)

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