Friday, 19 April 2013

Baby update: 24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 w 6 days, whoo hoo for managing to do this on time :)
Size of Baby:   Baby Should weigh about 650g and be about 30cm long
Baby sprinkle is about the size of a papaya
Picture of Baby:
I have some more Soner shots but I forgot the CD at home today (blame the pregnancy brain) so will hopefully remember next time. We also have a Video of our last scan which we finally got to work last night! Its so amazing to see how Sprinkle is developing (mom I'm trying to figure out how to make the file small enough to email ) 
Maternity Clothes: Are all that fits. People keep asking me when I'm due and I'm guessing its cos there is really no hiding this bump now. I'm really hoping I don't get to big (i have this irrational and completely vain fear of becoming huge) but as long as there is a healthy baby at the end of this I will deal with whatever comes my way:)

Sleep:todays not a good day to ask cos I didn't sleep very well last night and am feeling a bit wrecked this morning. I'm getting quite uncomfortable and I usually sleep on my tummy which,for obvious reasons, is not so viable any more.

Best Moment of the Week: Its been a productive week for which I am very thankful. I'm still working through an endelss mountain of holiday washing (it just doesn't seem to end) but otherwise weeks been pretty good. We got to unpack all of Sprinkles things into her Closet and this girl is going to have more clothes than she knows what to do with :) such a blessing!!
Movement: Movement is becoming a regular thing now (she's squirming as I type this). Its a wonderful but completely wierd sensation
Symptoms: HUGE Belly, Not great sleep, hunger, fatigue (walking up stairs to fast is a no-no if I want to breathe)
Food Cravings: not much.

What I Miss: sleeping late (although that has more to do with hyperactive puppies than pregnancy)
What I'm Looking Forward to: I'm really hoping to finally clear out the Random stuff from the babies room this weekend and start hanging some pictures to get my vision moving. All the stuff that didn't have a home ended up in there and while it is already looking MILES better there is on particular box of stuff that still has to be dealt with !


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