Thursday, 4 April 2013


For those who are not my face book friends let me introduce you to the cuteness overload I mentioned in my previous puppy post that joined our house this last week :)
Her name is Violet and she's a Pug. She is the epitome of cute and cuddly and we unofficially call her squishy or madam fluff :)
She's such a cutie pie but has a habit a crying (loudly) when left alone and is unfortunately an early riser ( 4am wake-ups for the past two day's eish!)
I'm sorry for the lack of updates (especially on the house and all the things happening there) but work has been crazy and with trying to potty train to stubborn puppy's, 106 progress reports I have to finsh for work by friday and life in general I'm to exhausted to do anything . I promise after our holiday I'll share some more details (including Baby's sex and Nursury plans :) )

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