Sunday, 31 March 2013

baby update: week 21

How Far Along: Let pretend I got this out on time ;)  21 w 6 days (but actually 22w 1 d)

Size of Baby: Baby Sprinkle is approximately 24 cm long and 450 g. this is approximately the size of a Banana .

Picture of Baby:
We finally got some updated pics :)

Baby Sprinkle was very busy and gave the Sonographer a run for her money. but we eventually got a profile shot even though there is a hand (almost) in the way. 

Maternity Clothes: We've had a snap of cooler weather here this last week and I discovered that none of my winter clothes are going to zip/button shut over my belly... It made for Some fun getting dressed ;)


Sleep: Ok, Apart from last night with its torrential rain. Puppy now sleeps in the bathroom without complaint so its been a lot more restful

Best Moment of the Week: getting to go for a scan again :) its so amazing to see how baby's develop!

Movement: YES!!! finally !!!now that its started its happening very regularly. This little one shoots a shot into my bladder every now and again which isn't very comfortable

Symptoms: heartburn and indigestion like you won't believe! I also can't stand for long periods without getting a seriously sore back.

Food Cravings:  Nope...
What I Miss: seeing my feet ;)

What I'm Looking Forward to:we fly to SA on Sat for a wedding! I can't wait!!!
Milestones: movement and Baby's cot is up!!
Updates to follow :)

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