Friday, 1 March 2013

Baby Update: week 17

How Far Along: Today 17w 6 days

Size of Baby:  Baby Sprinkle is approximately 13 cm long and 140g
Picture of Baby:

 Maternity Clothes: Two words! Edgar's sale :) I was able to find some great stuff on sale this week so my clothing options have increased . I only have one pair of non-preg pants that still remotely fit but for the rest its maternity all the way .
I feel like I'm expanding by the minute but I suppose that's to be expected:)
Sleep:No sleep problems here unless sleeping to much is a problem:)

Best Moment of the Week:
Movement: Still nothing :( 

Symptoms: apart from the growing baby bump, some crazy emotions and tiredness 
Food Cravings:  no cravings just hungry! Trying to eat healthy tho
What I Miss:My parents who left on Monday :(
What I'm Looking Forward to: Weekend!!

Milestones: Baby's bones started to harden this week, s/he can move their joints too :)

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