Friday, 8 March 2013

Baby update: week 18

How Far Along: Today 18w 6 days

Size of Baby: Baby Sprinkle is approximately 14.2 cm long and 190g. this is approximately the size of a sweet potato
Picture of Baby:

Maternity Clothes: Same ol same old :)

I am (apparently) wearing the same outfit as in the previous picture.. my bad
Sleep:No sleep problems here. We(I) have added an extra pillow to our sleeping arrangements to make it more comfy and it seems to be working great.

Best Moment of the Week: We started sleeping in our new house!! whoo hoo
Movement: Still nothing although there is some debate as to some of the weird sensations I've been feeling could be baby movement. I'm going to concentrate more on it but I really have no idea what its supposed to feel like so I could be missing it...

Symptoms: baby bump, emotions, aches and pains and tiredness

Food Cravings:  the other day I really felt like cream cheese on french bread but alas the shops were closed and this was not a craving I could get fulfilled
What I Miss: Friends and Family that are Far away
What I'm Looking Forward to: Weekend and hopefully moving into our new house fully!! We also have a doctors appointment next week !!

Milestones: Baby's becoming increasingly mobile (kicking/ moving/swallowing).

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