Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Its the Final Countdown....

Now that everyone (including myself )will have that song stuck in their heads for the rest of the day, time for (hopefully) one of the last building updates I'll need to write!! We are two plugs, one garage door and a geyser valve away from calling this house move in ready!
Can I get a hallelujah!!!
Seriously though, I always thought building was easy and fun. You get to choose all the things for yourself and there might be some minor setbacks but on a whole things would move pretty smoothly.. I laugh at my naive view now on the other side! I have gotten to the point where I never want to make another decision about building related issues! It was fun to choose everything but half the time by the time our builder got to get the stuff it was out of stock so we had to make a rush decision on a replacement..
Anyway the kitchen is all but done so I thought I'd show the final shot before we fill it up and have to try and find space for all our stuff (eek!!!)
Please excuse the random extension cord... its plugged into the small geyser we have under the sink which is one of the plugs we're still waiting on. Its fun to see all your plans work out like the pictures in your head :) Also please note the amazing kitchen island MADE by my Dad...
also just as a bonus here's a shot of our roof... this is my favourite part of the whole house design (although admittedly it does make decorating a challenge). You'll also notice we frosted the front door for some more privacy from the street. I'll give details on that soon :)
If all goes according to schedule ( and we all know how that's worked out for us in the last few weeks) the security system will be installed today and the garage door will FINALLY arrive tomorrow .
guess we'll wait and see :)


  1. Emma! It looks soooo stunning!! I'm very jealous of that kitchen!! And that ceiling is wow!!

    1. Thanks Alizia , Its come out so well!! we can't wait to get cooking ;)

  2. That is one sexy kitchen! Enjoy it! :)

    1. I plan too!! can't wait to get in there :D


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