Tuesday, 29 April 2014

8 months old

Two posts in one day , aren't I good ;)

I'm even getting these up before we hit 9 months (*shepatsherselfontheback)

Here is our munchkin at 8 months

(note the assistants toes ;) )

This girl is such a delightful child but Man she's busy! I thought I'd include some outtakes so you can see what goes on when we try and take these shots 

ahh good times :)

7 Months old

I'm going to skip the excuses and resign myself to the fact that this is my new Blogging normal

Here is Isla at 7 months old
 ( a mere two months after the fact but hey at least I managed to take the photo's) 

This was the best photo I could get on the chair. She had just started standing up and everytime I would Move back to take the picture she would Lunge forward and almost face plant off the chair. I was taking these on my own but from now on will need an assistant *coughhubbycough* to take these pictures

You can see the rest of Isla's Photo Project by clicking here or on the Tab at the top of the page