Friday, 23 November 2012

Guest Guru: Lessons from a Life Coach

It been a while since I posted a Guest Guru post.Even so these are the posts that consistently get the most hits on here :)
Today's Guest Guru is Nabukenya Muwonge.
 I met Nabukenya through work last year and she took the very brave step of resigning and starting her own business doing life Coaching and training.
She's here today to give us some tips for self care ,which in the busy would we live in is something that seems to get neglected more often than not!
What is the last thing you did for yourself? Your first instinct will tell you that you prioritise your well being everyday by keeping busy; nourishing your body, sleeping or whatever else it is that you do to look after yourself.  For some the answer will be nothing, I have not had time to look after myself. I have other responsibilities like my family. If this is you like most of us, perhaps your best option is to make a commitment to do just one thing for yourself.
Let's look at what self care really means. In this case I am not talking about only eating or sleeping. I am talk about looking after yourself from the inside in by nourishing your spirit. Eating enough food to fuel the day comes naturally. Sleep comes naturally for most of us at the end of an exhausting day. But when is the last time you made it a point to look after your spiritual self?
Looking after your spiritual self entails taking time to sit in quiet reflection, pray and thank our source for our blessing, reflecting on what we really need and what we do to help ourselves to attract the life that we want.  We are all different and do different things to really get in touch with ourselves and nurture our souls. But what is the use, surely food, fun and sleep is enough?
Well technically to keep functioning, adequate nutrition and rest is enough. But the amazing thing about human beings is that we have a mind and soul that needs to be nourished too, and food and sleep are not going to suffice. Feeding yourself spiritually means you are more in tune with yourself, you nurture and fortify yourself and of course you get in touch with the outside world and get to connect with your surroundings in a way that is not possible unless you take time to sit and be still. Here is a challenge for you, try one of the below suggestions out for 21 days, and see whether or not it has a positive impact on your life. I dare you! 
Here are some suggestions of different things you could try that you can do to get in touch with yourself and nurture your spiritual self: 
  1. Find your path to God - for some people they find this through religion, or joining a group that practises their spiritual beliefs.  For others, it is reading to enhance their knowledge, meditation, pray or simply spending some quiet time in nature.
  2. Identify a cause that is close to your heart and volunteer some of your time - this is an excellent way to get perspective. These are tough economic times, and often times because we are human, we are inclined to believe nobody is as bad off as ourselves. In most cases this is a mis-perception. What cause could possibly be close to your heart? Are you especially concerned about the elderly? Is there a centre or facility nearby where you could volunteer your time and learn more about those less fortunate? For every gift and privilege that God has given us, we have a responsibility. What could your responsibility to society be? Volunteer your time and open your mind. 
  3. Identify an outlet to express yourself, your innermost desires and the aspects of yourself that you need to work on. E g. writing in a journal, talking to someone whom you trust, exercise in nature - and spend some time getting to know yourself and the awesome person you are evolving into becoming.
These are simply a few suggestions, but there are so many things we can do to nurture our spirits and get in touch with our own humanity. Try it and feel free to write and let me know of the impact in your life on
I look forward to hearing from you! Onwards and upwards!
Your Lifecoach
Thanks Nabu! Definitely and important reminder to keep things in Focus!
You can contact Nabukenya through the email listed in the post or through her website or Facebook page. If you are In Namibia and would like to have some sessions with her please contact her!
Thanks for stopping by !

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