Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The roof!!!

Building has ,over the last few weeks, trickled down to all but a standstill. There have been issues with plumbers and electricians which resulted in hold ups in other area's of the build (i.e. the plastering cannot be finished as the electrician still needs to finish putting in plug boxes). So needless to say its been quite frustrating for us especially as we're living very close to the site and can see what does(or doesn't) happen on a daily basis.
But yesterday was a fantastic building day! the roof is FINALLY here!! Our house has got three separate roof sections. There are two flat roof sections (over the kitchen side and the bedroom side.You can look at a layout in this post)then a 'pointed' roof over the living area. For a while we've had roof trusses in place and most of the roof sheets on the flat sections
(see below)
Well here is the same view now. All plastered/roofed and pretty :)


And yesterday I arrived to find this
The Centre Trusses have arrived and were put up :) The roof sheeting for them will go up today and we will have a completed roof!!!
I must admit I was very glad it wasn't me who had to stand up on the scaffolding and hold them in place. I was getting dizzy just watching them from my safe perch firmly on solid ground.
It's finally starting to come together and we can now see more clearly what the facade of the house is going to look like :)
thankfully the trusses counter the overly high wall feeling I mentioned before . I'm so excited for it to be finished! And now the builders take a three week break for Christmas holiday !! AAAGGGGH!

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