Wednesday, 24 October 2012

marching on

Our house is progressing at quite a pace now which is quite nice after the initial setbacks . All the Foundation walls are now in place and (in my very limited building knowledge) I think the next step is compacting the sand that they dug out back in and casting the floor slab.
It currently looks like this
To make it easier to understand the layout I've labelled it
exciting times :)
Wish we could just Snap our fingers and jump to the fun part, but I'm satisfied with the pace things are moving. We probably aren't going to meet our (hoped for) deadline of December to move in but things are progressing and it's exciting to see ! I've always been a fan of things where you can see your progress (hence I tend to do only small 'instant gratification crafts) , and every time I get home from work somethings changed back there:)
also welcome to all my new followers :) thanks for joining us on this adventure

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