Friday, 5 October 2012

Guest Guru : Engagement Photo Shoots

In keeping with the theme of photography ,in honour of my new camera:) ,this weeks guest Guru Post is by Genevieve, one part of the amazing team that is BLAW Photography.
I'm on the right , Gen's in the Middle and on the Left is Sarah (who also used Blaw to take her wedding pics :) )
Gen is a Long time Friend of Mine . My university flatmate,friend and also behind (half) of my Beautiful Wedding pics :D. I can recommend her whole heartedly for any one in SA looking for a wedding photographer :)
Take it Away :
As a Photographer and even as a Bride-to-be I think there is so much information and tips I'd like to impart to people about weddings, photography and brides but I think its safest if we sort of start some where in the beginning.
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I thought an engagement shoot is a good place to start. engagement shoots are my favourite, its like a wedding but less stress, time constraints and defiantly not highly strung emotionally.
This is where as a photographer I like to have fun, and even try some crazy Photography thingy's out.

If you have booked or are still going to book your wedding photographer, make sure you go for an engagement shoot. It breaks the ice, you get to know how the photographer works, and most of all you get comfortable in front of the lens. This translates well on your wedding day, and means you will have one less thing to stress about.

I send all my brides to be, doing an e-session with me this little E-session tips page.
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(You can download the tips page by Right Clicking on the Picture and selecting Save Picture as) 
 Its just small, but very effective tips that will help make your e-session that much more amazing, and help insure some spectacular photos that will last a lifetime!

keep smiling
BLAW Photography
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Check Out Blaw Photography's Website Or Facebook Page . They are currently running a competition for a free e-shoot session .
Thanks For Sharing your Knowledge with us Gen!

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