Friday, 19 October 2012

Concrete never looked so good!

I'm sure you remember the tree stump I've been cursing discussing over my last few posts
Well the darn thing eventually played along and moved! Here's a picture of it buried under the rest of the sand from the foundation.
Its sitting at the moment where our garage should be but because it was so big and heavy they just moved it out of the way to carry on with the foundations and once all the dirt's been put back where it needs to go the hope is to just drag it out and send it on it's merry way :)
The progress at the moment looks like this (as of yesterday)
The foundation inspection was done on Tuesday afternoon and they started pouring the concrete on Wednesday. They left it to cure for yesterday and laid out some bricks to mark where the walls will be.
They also moved piles of bricks closer to where they will be needed to be in order to build.
We're super excited and hoping that the walls go up quickly! they're going to start on the boundary wall first so our neighbour has her privacy back and go from there :)


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