Monday, 8 October 2012

Strong foundation

So far so good on the daily Photo of house building that I mentioned I'd be doing in my previous post. I even got a tip on how to combine them into a movie (thanks Jacky) :).
Our builders are plugging along with digging the foundation. They are having trouble removing the last bits of the two trees that used to be in the yard and seem to have a root system as deep as they were tall! I'm looking forward to seeing if they managed it today!
We've progressed from nothing...
to foundations marked out in the sand for the outside...
to Foundations dug for (most) of the outside...
To Foundations for outside and most of the interior walls :)
Sorry for the bad photo
 On Friday the plan was to try and have to foundations ready for inspection by tomorrow so they can pour them and start building. Needless to say this would be FANTASTIC but as I already mentioned we have some super stubborn trees to contend with !
By the way for anyone wondering about how small things look, I have been told that the digging the foundations make things look smaller than they actually are .
Here's hoping they're right :) 



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