Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back again (with a building update)

After a crazy few weeks with many issues and travelling I'm hopefully back now to more regular posting. Remember when I posted here about how awesome my Husband is? Well he proved it again by getting me an awesome new camera :)
(me in the bathroom at work ... classy ;) )
Its a Fuji Film Fine Pix S2995 and is whats known as a bridging Camera. Meaning It doesn't have the option of changing out the lenses and stuff like a more advanced Camera would but its got more features than your ordinary point and shoot plus the option of shooting totally on Auto or switching to Manual settings and many other options in between :)
Here's hoping I can figure out how to take more professional Pictures :)
The one really amazing feature the new Camera has is the ability to shoot a Panorama Shot. You just Line everything up and it gives you a nice guide as to where to turn the camera too and it combines them automatically.
Which Leads me to my next point...
as Our builders arrived yesterday (can I get a hallelujah!!!!!) I thought it would be fun to take some progress shots while we move through the Building process  :)
This is what the yard looked like before we started
and this is what it looks like this morning !
Its got to get worse before it gets better right?
Regardless it's very exciting!! We'll keep you up to date with the progress! I think I'm going to take a series of pictures from the same spot and when we're done try combine them somehow into a stop motion video (Any tips anyone?). It'll be fun to see how it all evolves :) 


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    Congrats on your new camera! New toys are the best!!

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