Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Things I'm learning

Its been a rough few weeks full of learning opportunities . I thought I'd share some :)
1)My husband is awesome ( I always knew that but I wanted everyone else to know it too)
2) No matter how old you are when things go wrong you still need your parents
3) The size on the tag of the clothes doesn't matter its how you feel in them that counts!  (anyone else battling to find to find things that fit? If the fashion industry out there is listening taller people need clothes too!)
4) When moving house in a hurry don't leave everything to the last minute and throw things into boxes without labels... especially if you will not be unpacking those boxes for a while!! it makes finding things hard!

5) life doesn't go according to plan ! but God knows!!


  1. I love this! Wonderful Emma, you have definitely grown in this!

  2. How right you are girl! Thanks for linking up at the CHQ Blog Hop! See you again on Tuesday!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  3. Thanks for Hosting and stopping by :)


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