Wednesday, 9 November 2011

day 2 and a garden update:)

Day 2's instruction was : a picture of something you have eaten today.

That would be my horrible Camera phone picture of the Caramel muffin I just ate ( and my desk in the background for anyone paying close attention )

In other News we planted a herb/flower garden :) We are not allowed to plant flower/plants near the foundation of any walls/houses in our complex. The ground where we are has an extremely high salt content so if you water it the salt damages the foundations. To counter this we decided to plant in pots. Me, being the cheapo that I am, didn't want to spend thousands of rand on pots but instead managed to get hold of an old oil drum (thanks to my in-laws) and cut it in half. Unfortunately there are no before photo's to show you what it looked like in it's red and yellow shell oil glory!
After about 5 bottles (and some frantic driving around Windhoek to buy more) of spray paint my drums are now White and pretty:) the Handy husband drilled some holes into the bottom for drainage and we were set !!

Just to jazz them up a bit we (and buy that I mean Willie) stenciled a lavender onto the drum for a little extra glamour ;) (cos we cool like that ;) )

So that's the story of our herb garden! plus we managed to find the factory outlet for the pots ! so we got some 'real' garden pots for less than half of what the nurseries charge!! Aren't they pretty :)

We've been enjoying the fruits (or should I say leaves) of our labor as we cooked this week

Pesto anyone ??

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