Friday, 2 March 2012

Bathroom Musings

As I mentioned here we did a bit of home improvement over the December holiday's. We have two Small Bathrooms in our house. One is basically just a toilet, sink and shower which is the "Master bath" and our "guest Bathroom" has a bath , toilet and sink/storage cabinet. As we live in a complex our 'guest Bath is on the inside of the house meaning it has no windows (well there is one but it opens into a service channel). It's dark in there, so dark that if you close the door you can't see your hand in front of your face.
it looks like this

(Excuse the toilet paper , just keeping it real )
Its very Basic. Probably looks the same as it did when the complex was built 17 years ago (with the exception if the shower rail which we added). As its such a small space I thought this was the one room in the house that I can afford to go a little "Themey" with. I'm sure you can see by the little lighthouse statue that the idea is Nautical.

to do this I started with the 'Art'. Our budget for this is N$ 0! when we first moved in I took some frames I had left from varsity, spray painted them black and added some bathroom printables I found online:

You can see them in the top left of the picture. They're not bad but don't really go with the nautical idea I have. So I googled around to find some 'beachy art' and found some lighthouse picture I liked which I softened a bit in photo-scape to give a more watercolour feel.

(sorry for the flash. Like I said the lighting in there is Shocking!

Its an improvement but still not exactly right.I need to redo the frames cos the black paint is starting to crack and its a bit to harsh for my taste in there. I'd Love to Paint some Stripes on the wall but can't decide whether I want to do it on all four walls or just one one. something like this:

Not 100% sure I can convince the Hubby that it'll look good though. The plan is to get some Navy Blue and Red towels, swap out the horrible shower curtain for another more nautical inspired on (maybe white?), hang up the cute anchor/whale/ship towel hooks I got ( maybe behind the door) , if I can convince hubby paint some stripes, and get some shells/other beachy elements to decorate the space.

here are some of the other small nautical things we collected so far
my Mom got this for us in Swakopmund! Too cute:)

the lighthouse that started it all :)

Any ideas/ feedback would be appreciated!

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