Monday, 19 March 2012

Super Shopper:)

While at the shops this weekend I realised I needed a new pair of 'summery' shoes to get me through the rest of the season. Last Sunday at church I broke a pair of Sandals and the shoes I had on were falling apart at the seams (literally) and had almost been walked through. My other sandals were headed along the same path so we stopped in at Ackerman's to see what they had. Now I realise the shoes in the picture below are not summery but I'd also been looking for new boots for winter (although was not planning to buy them right now) and was having a look at the selection. These were the last pair on the shelf and happened to be in my size. They were marked down to N$ 99.99 so I thought what the heck and took them.

when we went to pay the lady rang them up and they were actually N$ 39.99..... SCORE!!! 
I also found an awesome pair of knitted UGG type boots for N$ 20.00... Yup, I bought them too :)

what's nice about them is that they have buttons on both sides so you can roll them up or have them folded down.
the best shopping score of the weekend has got to be this:

We got a clicks cash back voucher and I needed some new eye-liner . It was marked N$19.99 on the shelf but when we rang in up it was N14.95. the cash back Voucher was for N$14.73 so that eye pencil cost me

Not a bad weekend of shopping if  I do say so myself :)


  1. Emma, you definitly scored!! I think it is cute how you went for summer shoes, ended up with winter shoes and the score was an eyeliner. You are my kind of shopper! Thanks for linking up at SweetTalkin' Sunday!

    1. i know right! made me want to keep on shopping :) thanks for hosting and commenting :)

  2. oh...I love both of these. I pulled out my summer shoes and I could use an update too. I just love it when I go to buy something and it rings up even cheaper than what I assumed. Have a good day and talk soon!


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