Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blog envy

We Had some friend around the other night and the topic turned to the craft stores that you get in the States. Places like Hobby Lobby and the Dollar store or even Walmart

These stores have shelves and shelves of craft/decor supplies that look a little something like this 

For prices that are hard to beat!

Now I know I shouldn't be comparing but its a little frustrating to know these places exist and to not have access to them . Namibia is far from backwards but variety is not at a premium here which means two things:
1) you usually can't find what you're looking for !!
2) when you can find stuff you want its usually expensive cos one shop has the monopoly in bring things in

when I read about what's available elsewhere its hard not to get a little blog envy

Is it to much to ask to be able to find some amazing fabric like this:

or have a thrift store that sells furniture for super cheap nearby so I could do projects like this:

or this

Or even find something as mundane as curtain clips:

Apparently they aren't available here... But until they are I will keep on dreaming :)

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  1. what ya need...I will send it to you sister!! just let me know!!!

    1. Aaw thanks :) i'll keep that in mind :)


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