Thursday, 22 March 2012

T shirt scarf

unfortunately this is not an original idea but I still thought it was pretty cool. I found an old t-shirt that had some holes in it and decided to make a scarf. I had seen tutorials on-line (for an example look Here)

basically all you need is an old t shirt (preferably an xl although mine was a men's large and it worked fantastically), scissors and a flat surface . I used my sewing machine but its definitely not a needed. also if you can find a t shirt with no side seams that will also work better for a longer scarf. otherwise look at the tutorial I mentioned before for how to use one with seams.

lay the shirt down flat on your surface
Cut the bottom hem off

cut it just under the arms

next cut your shirt into stripes leaving a one centimetre piece connected on one side

Now gather you scarf together on the side that's still attached and stretch your loops

The loops will curl in on themselves

If you don't have a sewing machine/don't want to use one the at this point simply take a scrap piece of material and tie the loops together to keep the shapes. I decided I Wanted to sew a  piece to cover the join.

I took a rectangular scrap and edged/hemmed it together
sorry for the blurry shot

When I had hemmed my rectangle I wrapped it around the join with the right sides together and sewed

when it was connected I simply turned it the right side out. 
this is the final result

my husbands not to sure about it but I like it , its different :)

for more ideas check out my Blessed Life who gives you 10 different scarf ideas to make with t-shirts.
I'd like to try making one like this:

or this next:

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  1. This such a clever idea! Thanks for linking up at Whimsy Wednesday last week. Hope you will come by tonight for another party.

  2. I love this idea! And I have some T-shirts that would work just fine! Thanks for linking up at SweetTalkin' Sunday!


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