Friday, 13 January 2012

Home improvement :)

As I've already mentioned we had a lot of guests over the December holiday period. 5 extra people staying with us in our very small two bed roomed townhouse. Making us 7 in total if you add Willie and myself into the mix. In case you didn't realize 7 people make a lot of dirty dishes speeding up the need for one of these:

(insert sound of the angels singing a hallelujah chorus over here!!!)

When I was growing up my mom always told me that two things were non negotiable in a marriage: a queen size bed and a dishwasher. We got the bed thing sorted but when we moved into our house this was the only spot we had for our washing machine and since we already owned that it got first preference (well that and its really hard to do laundry without one but dishes are OK ). I had been given money towards a dishwasher as a gift at my bridal shower so we stored it away until we could figure out how to fit the washing machine somewhere else in our house.

Enter my Dad: aka Mcgyver and my hero:) seriously the man is a genius :) ( love you Dad). He figured out a plan to hook the washing machine up in the bathroom ( by adding and extra tap to the bathroom sink ) therefore freeing up the space for the aforementioned gift from heaven otherwise known as a dishwasher (can you pick up some of my disdain for washing dishes?)

He also helped us convert the tap unit in the bathroom into a second shower to take some of the load off with 7 people and our one shower :)

can I get a whoop whoop for it being awesome!!

(View from the other side of the bathroom)

I still have some plans for this bathroom ( *cough painting cough re tile cough*) but for now it is functional and I have space for a dishwasher :)

Other things my Dad helped us with are:

Putting up a shelf in our spare room 
and helping us to put up the really awesome garden decor that my talented sister-in-law made me for my birthday :)

looks good hey :)

(I love the Herb markers!)

She also made us some other artwork for Christmas. (The awesome Calender was also a special Christmas gift :) Thanks Sarah !!)

So that's the home improvement we got done over the holiday :) my mom helped me make some curtains too and for some reason I forgot to take a picture of the so I'll add them to another post :) I still have a looooooong list of thing's I'd like to do but the house is coming on really well :)
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