Monday, 23 January 2012

Getting fancy ;)

Now I am the first to admit that I know very little about coding and all the other technical stuff that goes along with blogging but every now and then I think it would be fun to try a figure some of it out. Now I know many of you reading this don't have your own Blogs but for the four people I know that do (hi Jacky, Nabukenya, Brett and Sarah) I thought I'd share what I've learned today :)

How to make a Blog Button

A blog button is basically a picture that others can click on that automatically brings you back to the blog it belongs too. Mine looks like this close up

I found the tutorial to on how to make it HERE and even though it looks a little Greek in  the beginning stick with it and it's not hard at all!!
I decided I wanted to put in a "grab box" so if people wanted to use my button on their blog they would be able to see the code.
You can see all the coding in the picture above. The tutorial to make one of those is found on this SITE

These tutorials are for Blogger but the basic Coding remains the same and if you Google for WordPress/whatever platform you use I'm sure you'll find instructions.
If you do manage to create a button let me know :) 


  1. wow nice shot for sharing - i love the design of your button - did you do that - being artistically challenged i would need someone creative to make one of those for me - any ideas or give me some idea how you came up with yours. thankx for thinking of me!

    1. Hey Brett
      I did design it and beleive me I am as artistically challenged as you! you can download the letters I used to create it at this address: then I used a program called photoscape(found by google) to combine them into one jpg file. Its basically the same picture as my header just condensed and edited with borders and stuff from Picnick as described in the link on making a button :) if you tell me what you looking for I'd be happy to try help :)

    2. I'm also apparently spelling challenged !! my bad!!

  2. Super cool and useful. I created a new blog for my business and have not done this yet. Thanks for the training babe. xoxo


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