Thursday, 26 January 2012


While Chatting to my Dad he mentioned he'd had a look at my blog (well my mom showed him :) Hi Mom and Dad) and commented that I looked like I posted quite frequently. I've been trying to improve on my posting skills and have been challenged about posting stuff that was relevant

There are so many Blogs/forums/social network platforms out there full of people expressing there opinion on everything whether others wanted to know it or not. I've been sitting this morning wondering what to post and then wondering about those who actually are reading these ramblings of mine. 
I know people out there are reading (even though I only have two followers) as the Stats tell me I've had almost 1000 page views since I started. My challenge is to be relevant in what I'm sharing without crossing that fine line to over-sharing.
The question is where is the line and what would you like to see.

I'd love some feedback !! 


  1. That is a good question! I'm happy to be one of your followers, but since I've only been following a few days now I feel like I'm still getting to know you! :) I really struggle with the same thing and in the end there are a lot of people out there with a lot of ideas on how to "grow" your blog (and I am sure that they work) But I say, just do what you love! Don't try to follow some magic formula! Be yourself, be unique, be who you are and the market of people who will find you will be the ones that yo know are really interested! Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I really appreciate the feedback! I'll keep on going and see where we end up!

    2. Hey!
      It is your blog, that means you get to write whatever you want, so screw everybody else, haha.
      Glad I finally found it friend- keep the posts comming.


    3. Thanks Buddy :) glad you found it too :)


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