Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Holiday recap: Sun sea and a new years resolutions

After Christmas we left a very *HOT* Windhoek for a holiday down at the coast... Henties Bay to be exact. Now Namibian beach holidays are not the same as SA beach holidays. People here go to the beach to escape from the heat and the coast is cool (as in bring a jersey).

note the grey sky and copious amount of equipment needed to block the wind

when Willie Arrived we decided to go and ride some quads in the dunes (which I would Highly recommend if you ever get the chance!!) 

It was one of the few times the mist burned off and we had the sunburn to prove it!

some of us got stuck a couple of times .... cough *sav* cough ;)

but it was amazing none the less :) I love going into the dunes cos its so isolated! It feels like you are all alone and the sand goes on for miles and miles :)

otherwise the break was filled with chilling ,food, family, food, shopping, food, sunburn, food, fishing, food (are you getting the pattern here?)
which brings me to my (our? cos Willie is joining me) New year resolution:)
we joined the Gym!!
we went for the first time last night and lets just say I'm feeling some of my muscles more than usual this morning !

Anyone else got a resolution they'd like to share? 

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