Monday, 9 January 2012

Holiday Recap: Christmas Cheer

Today is my first day back at work... and it feels like the last 3 (give or take a couple of days) weeks of holidays just FLEW by!! It really was a wonderful time filled with lots (and lots) of family and all the fun things that go along with summer/Christmas holidays:) It was also very productive in terms of home upgrades (thanks Dad) and decor tweaking (thanks Annelise) and over the next couple posts I'll share whats been going on in the Cocklin home :)

First up Christmas :) (aka the night there were so many presents we could hardly move !!!)

you thought I was joking didn't you....

anyhoo here are some more shots from our festivities

the table decorations :)

Annelise's Christmas cupcakes

the royal wave 

our (not so flattering ) Christmas photo

all in all it was a wonderful day :) I"ll leave you one more shot of cuteness :)

next up is our holiday at the sea and some new years resolutions :)

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