Friday, 27 January 2012

Easy Pin board Tutorial

As I mentioned in a previous Post my Mom helped me make some curtains over the December holidays(which I still need to remember to post picture of). We made some roman blinds for our spare room/office and I've been trying to incorporate the colours into the rest of the room.

the desk part of the room looks like this:

Kind of sad and pathetic. The first part of jazzing it up was to make a pin board. As ready made pin boards run in the region of N$ 70+ I decided to make my own.
this is what you will need:

- Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Board
- Scissors
- Adhesive (I used my Glue gun )
- Ribbon (not pictured)
-Sewing pins( not pictured)

The first step is to lay your fabric the right side down and cut it so the is enough of an overlap for you to pull it over the back of the polystyrene board

Cut your fabric and remove the excess

Start gluing along one edge of the polystyrene and stick your fabric to the board. (its important to check that your glue won't eat away at the board. Contact adhesive will sometimes do this, the glue gun seemed to work fine)

I glued two opposite sides before starting on the corners. Make sure to pull it tight across the front of the board.
I folded it like I was wrapping a gift, making sure to glue as I went.

Sorry for the blurry picture!

When all four corners are secure it should look like this

Back view

front view

You could stop at this stage and start pinning stuff on now if you like but I chose to go a bit further

I laid Ribbon out in a grid pattern and cut it to fit

To make sure it stayed where I wanted it I pinned it in place in a grid pattern

I turned the board over and glued the ribbon in place and removed the pins

to stop the ribbon from moving on the front I decided to use the pins where the Ribbons joined as that was what i had on hand but you could glue it down and use buttons or any other embellishment you like! 
There you have it and easy (and cheap) pin board.

Cost breakdown
polystyrene board: N$ 27.95
Ribbon (3m): N$ 5.85
Fabric: free( left over from curtains)
Glue: Free (already had)
Total: N$ 33.80

Not to shabby in my opinion :) that's a saving of at least N$ 36.20 of a small store bought one 
Now I need to attach to that to the blank wall between the shelf and the desk along with some other art work and get matching desk accessories 
Watch this space :)

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