Friday, 20 January 2012

Birthday Party recap

So I decided (at the very last minute mind you) that I wanted to do something for my birthday. I've been seeing really cute pictures on some of the blogs I read on a regular basis of printable's and decor for parties they have. Regardless of the fact that most of these are children's parties I thought it was only fair that big people (like me :)) should get to have fun party stuff like the little people !! I googled around (yes googled is a verb !) and found some awesome sites with free downloads of party stuff because I have absolutely no Photoshop/design skills whatsoever!! I found a couple of good ones and eventually decided to go with these

all these printable's can be downloaded by Clicking HERE

I thought they were cute and went with what I was going for i.e. a nice party that didn't look like I was turning 3

They were really easy to use and turned out beautifully (in my opinion) . Of course me being the idiot that I am took photo's of the table and not the people!! Regardless it was good and if anyone who has some design sense would like to teach me how on earth to do something like this I would be a very willing student!

That and someone needs to have a baby soon so I can throw you a baby shower cos I found the most AWESOME stuff for those

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