Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Alphabet Photography art: gift ideas

This Christmas I wanted to do something different for gifts. We all have some people on our list that are notoriously difficult to buy for . After looking around I came across the Idea of Alphabet Photo's.

I've liked this idea for a long time and thought it would be fun to play around and see what you get. There are various options to get these pictures. You can either take them yourself (obviously but I do not have either the time nor a good enough camera to do this) you can pay for them (on sites such as this one ) or you can download them for Free :) (Leo Reynolds offers his collections of Numbers and Letters for Personal use) . Naturally being the cheapskate frugal and money-wise person I am , I used the free options :)

there are many different ways to use these letters

I've always liked the traditional way of printing the picture out individually and framing them , but both my Maiden name and current surname are quite long and standard frames with mounting's usually only go up to a length of five ( which is slightly small for my 10 letter maiden name). You could get them professionally framed but that didn't fit my budget this time around. 

I did three variations on the idea:
Option 1

For my in-laws I combined the letter's using Photoscape ( for a tutorial on how to do this check HERE), then found a quote that I liked and added the finished Jpg file and my quote into a word document. I printed it out on an A3 paper and cut it to fit one of the aforementioned small frames. I took the matting out and got it to fit. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the finished product but it came out really nicely!

Option 2

The idea for this option came from seeing this post. She uses Photoshop elements to combine the pictures and text but once again I used Photoscape to combine my letters into one jpeg file and then used word to put it all together.

When it came to printing it out I liked the double layered look like the one in the tutorial so I printed the Name and date on one page and the surname jpg on another and used one of those razor knives to cut it out. Again I forgot to take a pic so if anyone who got one of these would be willing to take one and send it to me I would be very grateful!( mom? Taz and Quintin? )

Option 3:

The third option was a variation on the above idea. We found a similar frame and made some that looked like this

Just imagine they're all in a line ( for some reason it won't let me do that)

I've also used these for my Blog button and header :) I personally think they have a lot of personality and make wonderful gifts for any occasion


  1. Hey girl! I got your button up! Thanks for swapping with me. Look like your new to the whole big blog world! I'm pretty new, too (Like 7 months) Welcome...it's a great community once you get plugged in! You'll love it!

    1. Yay! thanks for the swop :) I'm really excited (and already totally addicted)

  2. These are really cool! Thanks for sharing the idea and sources.


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