Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Adventures in nursery land Part 3: Crib Skirt and Pinwheels

For those who are new you can check out Part 1 and 2 of our Nursery coming together Here and Here.
I was off sick the last few days from work and was instructed to rest so I spent most of my time on the couch. When I started feeling better I got a jump start on some of the crafts I could do for the nursery while still on the couch.
When we still thought little Sprinkle was a boy we were going to do orange and aqua as our nursery theme. My mom got me a huge stack of orange material cheaply from a factory shop and it had been sitting in the cupboard waiting for me to get inspired. I decided to use some of it to make a crib skirt so I measured it out so it would fit around our crib and cut (With my pinking shears again as an easy way out as I don't have an overlocker)
I hemmed the bottom edge to give it a nice finished look.
and then used my trusty staple gun to attach it to the crib :) When I need to shorten it I can just pull the staples out with some pliers and repeat the process
Now the things stashed under the crib are hidden away :)
The whole process took about 25 minute start to finish. Now granted its not the most professional job or most complicated of patterns but I've been putting it off for months and now I could just kick myself cos it was so easy and quick.
I also mentioned in my last post we were going with a loose theme of pinwheels in the space. When googling/checking pinterest for ideas i came across this nursery by View Along the Way and fell in love
Her pinwheels actually spin!! I loved the idea and set about to recreate it (somewhat) in our space.
I had some pre-cut square paper from a paper pad I was given that happened to be in the right colours so I started snipping away. For those unfamiliar with the process you cut from each corner towards the middle of the square. Be sure to leave a gap between the end of your cut and your centre point to allow you to have something to connect your pinwheel too. I cut small holes into the corners to allow my splitpin to go through the paper .
Fold alternate points to the centre and secure
I used split pins to hold the big ones together and little scrapbook brads (which are essentially just tiny split pins ) for the smaller ones
I didn't want to go over board so I started with a few big ones.
It looked a bit sparse so after some Whatsapp consultation's I decided to make some smaller ones too.To say I'm pleased with the outcome would be an understatement!!
It adds so much fun to that side of the room :) Lets hope Sprinkle enjoy's them too :)
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  1. I like that idea! I stash extra diapers and wipes under the crib and it looks messy, plus the baby has been crawling under the crib and getting into mischief!

    1. it really does help cover the mess :) good luck!


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