Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Adventures in Nursery Land Part 2 (or easy no sew bunting tutorial)

 When I last left off in Nursery land we had just got the Cot up and were in the process of moving in :)
You can read all about that here .
We've made some significant progress in the decor department and things are looking a bit more 'filled up' and baby friendly in there. We're going for a loose theme of pinwheels but its more along the lines of decorating with specific colours than getting to 'themey'.
We still haven't painted the Furniture like I mentioned in the previous post (life has gotten in the way) and the second lampshade you see in the picture on the right (and the unseen black crate of books underneath it) will be moving out of the room this weekend once our new bookshelf arrives !! We're also going to put the pram together this weekend so the box will also leave :). The couch is the sleeper couch that I recovered, as we only stay in a two bedroom so we can't forgo the extra sleeping space as we often have visitors.The Blank Frame above the Cot will hold some Name art that will be put in when we reveal her name after she arrives :)
Today I want to share about my favourite new addition to the Decor and (in my opinion) one of the quickest,easiest and cutest ways to spruce up boring blind's.
The Bunting:)
there are already MANY tutorials out there on how to make Bunting so this will be a short one.
You will need:
Material in your choice of colours/patterns
Pinking shears
ruler+ pencil or Template downloaded from online site of your choice.
 I used an online template that I downloaded here from
I traced it onto my fabric and cut it out with my pinking shears(sorry no picture of this). I cannot sew in a straight line so this was the easiest option for me as the fabric won't fray.
Once I had all my 'flags' cut I laid them out to see which order I wanted them to go in. 
I snipped a small hole in each corner and thread a piece of ribbon long enough to reach across my window through the flags in the order I previously laid them out in.
I then just tied the ribbon around the top part of the Blinds and Spaced the flags out .
Voila :)
one tip I can give is to not make the hole you cut for the ribbon to big or your flags will slide down (gravity works against us). I did this with a couple but I think I might just go back with some fabric glue or a glue gun and dab some on so they stick where they meant too :)
I love the way it turned out and it probably only took about 20 minutes to do, start to finish!
Next up I want to try sew a crib skirt and a changing pad cover. Wish me luck :)

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