Monday, 20 May 2013

Baby update : weeks 27-28

How Far Along: I am very late with these posts! I was out of the country for almost two weeks in the bush with horrible access to internet hence the lack of posting. I should have been more organised to try and at least set up stuff before to auto post but I ran out of time. So I am currently  29w 2 days but these posts are retrospective so I'll be combining the last few weeks.
Size of Baby: 27 weeks:Baby Should weigh about 1kg and be about 34cm long
28 weeks:Baby Should weigh about 1.1kg and be about 35cm long
I'm growing huge and keep getting comments on how big I am so we know things are happening :)
Picture of Baby:

Apparently Baby is the size of a Chinese Cabbage (whatever that is? It looks like a cos Lettace to me:) )

Sleep:has been horrible! the combination of growing bigger and sleeping in strange beds led to some rough nights. I was very glad to get home to my own bed. I also finally invested in a support pillow and its has made the WORLD of differance!
Best Moment of the Week: Coming Home :) I used to love travelling (and I still do) but it was wonderful to come home to my Hubby and familiar things.
Movement: If kicks are anything to grow by I'm growing a little Soccer star! they sometimes take my breath away
Symptoms: the usual :)
Food Cravings: I have been eating Top deck chocolate like its going out of fashion! very tasty but I'm sure not so great for my waistline.

What I Miss: a normal range of movement. I'm struggling to bend or move as quickly as I used to and for someone who is used to be able to do their own thing its a bit frustrating at times.
What I'm Looking Forward to:Getting back into rountine and starting anti-natel classes tomorrow! I'm hoping the classes will ease some of my worries:)
we're now in the third trimester so its all downhill from here!!
Yikes ;)

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