Friday, 24 May 2013

Baby Update: week 29

How Far Along: 29w 6 days , I'm on time today even though I almost didn't get to posting :)
Size of Baby:   Baby Should weigh about 1.3 kg and be about 36cm long
Going to the doctor next week so will hopefully get a more accurate number
Picture of Baby:

Baby is the size of a butternut (so I find it very ironic that I ate butternut soup for lunch today )

Sleep:hit or miss... when I sleep I sleep Hard but its been very interrupted and Restless. Also being woken up by heartburn/toilet breaks doesn't help
Best Moment of the Week: its Friday!! that's all I'm saying ;)
Movement: All the time!! :) I'm loving it :)
Symptoms: the usual :)
Food Cravings: Still sweet things :)

What I Miss: a normal range of movement. Drivings becoming interesting, So is trying to tie my shoelaces
What I'm Looking Forward to:Weekend!!

On a side note I found the Ante-Natal classes hilarious especially the one where partners were included. To see the Men's faces when the midwife started talking about breastfeeding and checking your nipples,I had to try very hard to contain my laughter ;)

My Joy-Filled Life

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