Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Craft Fail ( or I should have measured before starting)

A while ago I shared how we moved some furniture around in our bedroom. When we did that the frame that was hanging next to W's side of the bed vertically didn't fit any more and I started planning what I was going to do with it to make it horizontal... that was almost 4 months ago !!!
the frame was on that big blank wall above the lamp

I knew I wanted to use some of the Alphabet art I spoke about here and even downloaded the letters I would need and combined them in photo scape . but for some reason I had never printed them and every night would think I need to get on that... (like Sherry at Young house love always says)

so on Friday I did... without measuring the frame I guessed how big it should be and printed out the picture I wanted to frame (that was my first mistake)

the back of the frame I wanted to use is very strange as you can see below. To put anything inside the frame you have to shimmy it in until all four corners are in and its flat.

Due to the fact I didn't measure when I started putting it all together the picture was too big and ended up getting a scrunched up .

not a very pretty picture!!

so today (when I again remembered ) I MEASURED the frame before trying again and I'm much more pleased with the result!

aah much better! now I just have to put it on the wall!!!

mop it up mondays

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