Friday, 27 July 2012

New day, New things

So many things are happening over here it feels like we're not touching ground! Today is my last day of work at the company I've been with for the last year and a half and I start a new job on Wednesday as a Social Worker for 3 children's home's. While I'm very sad to leave ,I'm also looking forward to a new chapter and challenge!

Also our house is on the market !!! (EEEEKKKK) we have someone coming to look at it today who seems very eager to hold thumbs and pray with us that everything works out! On a side note to that, we're taking a big leap by doing this as we still haven't received confirmation of our building plans , the date they gave the last time was August 6 so we're hoping it all happens then (especially if we sell our house!)

Thirdly (fourthly? ) Welcome to all my new readers and followers:) While there are only a few of you I am still VERY greatful you decided to follow along with our misadventures :)

Finally and along that line I'm linking up today with the 'under 300 followers' blog hop.


if you are like me and are new or still trying to establish yourself join in :) and if you're stopping in from over there hi! *waving*


  1. How exciting to sell your house! I assume you are moving or buying a new one? And thanks for the link to the link party!

    1. thanks :) it is exciting :) we're going to be building a new one ! thanks for stopping by !


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