Thursday, 19 July 2012

have you heard about wordle?

I recently discovered Wordles... I had seen them before but not known how to make them until recently. maybe I'm the last person around that hasn't heard about them but those those who ,like me, have been living in ignorance here is what they are:

you can take any piece of writing and turn it into a fun word "cloud ". here are a few of the ones I made:)

our wedding song

my Pinterest Challenge blog post 

Shakespeare :)

I think these would make really unique and personal gifts, and best of all creating them is free!
go and check out and make your own



  1. I love these! I actually posted on them before and use them all the time in my classroom. I never thought of using them as gifts but I like the idea.

    1. they're lots of fun :) you could make so many things with them (t-shirts,cups, wall prints etc.) which would be awesome personal (and cheap) gifts :) thanks for following too! I'll return the favour :)

  2. I used Wordle to make Teacher Appreciation cards this year. I had my boys tell me about each teacher and what they learned in their class. They came out really cute! You can see a picture of them at

    1. thanks for stopping by ! your cards are awesome!


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