Friday, 1 February 2013

Baby update ... week 13

With us being so far away from many friends and Family I'm going to try and document things so that those who are interested can follow along :)
How Far Along: Today 13w 6 days

Size of Baby: +/- 6.7 cm ... Baby is about the size of a peach or a Medium shrimp

Picture of Baby:
Here's a 'full body shot' from our Scan last week...

Maternity Clothes: I was blessed to have been given some by some friends/family and I am making full use of them. I've reached the point that even though I can button up most of my pants and stand in them , sitting cuts off the blood circulation to my lower extremities :) Plus they comfy! I'm Wearing a lot of dresses as well as I only have a couple of pants that are still 'work approporaite' but I'm sure I'll figure out the further we get along
Belly: there's not much to show there although there are very definite beginnings of a bump. At the moment its still in that weird bloat/bump between stage ...

Sleep: I'm not sleeping very well at all. Not sure if it can be blamed on being pregnant or just this unbearable heat we've been suffering through. I am finding it hard to get comfortable as I usually sleep om my stomach and that's not working so well anymore... we'll see how its goes :)

Best Moment of the Week: Not getting sick!!! I've made it through the whole week without getting sick once (touch wood).

Movement: Baby was very busy during last weeks scan so I know s/he's bouncing around in there but i haven't felt anything yet

Symptoms: Umm I seem to have had all the classic symptoms. Nausea/throwing up, round ligament pain as things stretch , growing bigger... I'll take them as long as we get a healthy little one out of the deal :)

Food Cravings:  CHEESE!!! oh my word I feel like a mouse! I just can't get enough
Gender: Not sure yet
What I Miss:Sushi... aah man I want some sushi

What I'm Looking Forward to: hearing a heartbeat again. I'm slightly paranoid and it reassures me for about a week after we go to the Doctor that all is still well. I'm sure once Baby starts moving that will help to but until then heartbeats are awesome:)

Milestones: Officially in the second Trimester :)

Emotions: all over the place ! I can't watch half the shows I like on TV cos I end up bawling !


  1. You can eat sushi, hon!! Dig in! I was worried too, but doc said it's all bull :)

    1. ha ha thanks Tam , I keep telling the hubby that but he's being the Sushi police ;) I must say I'm avoiding it too cos the places we can get it here are not always the most hygenic and with this heat stuff goes bad so quickly so its better to be safe than sorry ... sigh :)


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