Friday, 8 February 2013

Baby update: 14 weeks

How Far Along: today I'm 14 w 6 days

Size of Baby: Baby Sprinkle is approximately 8.7 cm long from crown to rump and weighs around 43g.According to some sources s/he is comparable in size to a lemon

Picture of Baby: no Ultrasound this week but I thought the picture below was an awesome way to visualise the baby/lemon comparison



Maternity Clothes: I'm still in between normal and maternity clothes at the moment. What is the most surprising is where 'normal' clothes stop fitting. I kind of expected it around the stomach/waist/chest area but even my shoulders seem not to be the same size anymore! weird!


Sleep: its kind of hit or miss at the moment. I'm definitely waking up more than I used to but now that the heat has calmed down a smudge I'm sleeping much better.

Best Moment of the Week:  hubby coming home from a business trip :)

Movement: Still nothing !

Symptoms: All of my symptoms (except for some stretching pains and a growing stomach) seem to have disappeared! which is slightly worrying for paranoid me :) BUT on the bright side I know there is someone in there and I keep telling myself no symptoms is fine as long as there are no bad symptoms (blood/pain) happening... tmi? my bad

Food Cravings: I'm still eating lots of cheese but it seems to be slowing down. Can't say I've had any major cravings but i am enjoying food a WHOLE lot more now that I'm not nauseous all the time :) 

What I Miss: most of my wardrobe :) I can't find much that fits anymore :(

What I'm Looking Forward to: A doctors appointment next week! Hopefully he'll send do a scan or at least let us hear the heartbeat again with the Doppler!

Milestones: baby can make all sorts of facial movements now and might even be able to suck their thumb.

Emotions: feeling OK , am definitely more emotional than usual but don't feel quite as volatile (unless you count my mental breakdown in the Wimpy the other day! sorry babe!)

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