Friday, 15 February 2013

Baby update 15 weeks

How Far Along: today I'm 15w 6 days

Size of Baby: Baby is approximately 10.1 cm long and is about 70g. H/she is about the size of an apple :)

Picture of Baby: Although we got a surprise scan this week unfortunately there were no pictures. Scans are amazing!! the amount of detail you can see is unbelievable! I always used to think they were kind of fuzzy and unclear but during this last one we could see tiny little leg bones and toes,even things like the beginning of the brain and an eye socket are visable. Baby Sprinkle looked like s/he was chilling on the beach with his hand tucked up under his/her head! too cute!!

Maternity Clothes: This last week i had to sort through my clothes as most of my stuff doesn't fit anymore.Still in between( some of my bigger pants etc still fit) but the maternity stuff is handsdown more comfortable to wear!

Belly: When I look at photo's it doesn't seem to be bigger but when I look down it feels huge!! Its starting to move from pudge to an actual little baby bump. I can tell the difference cos when it was just pudgy I could suck it in but now I can't make it go away even if I try very hard ;)

Apologies for the blurry cell phone shot

Sleep: So far so good! the heat has returned with a vengance which is uncomfortable but I sleep trough most of the night.. have started waking up around 4:30 to go to the bathroom which is annoying cos then i just fall back asleep and my alram goes off...

Best Moment of the Week:  Hands down the Doctors appointment! we got to hear and see Baby again which was amazing! He's also so patient and explains everything which is so nice. Now we have to wait another 4 weeks before another visit and a referral for anatomy scan to confirm gender :D

Movement: I'm pretty sure I felt something once! A  little flip flop inside my stomach! but it was just once and nothing since so we'll wait and see :) hopefully in the next few weeks it will become more obvious

Symptoms: sore back , growing tummy, still nauseous on and off but thankfully no throwing up, food sensitivity!!

Food Cravings: Not really crazing stuff... I picked up a lot of weight in the first couple weeks of being pregnant so I've been trying to eat healthily to balance it out! seems to be working since i haven't gained anymore since my last doctors appointment
What I Miss: ummm

What I'm Looking Forward to: My parents arrive this weekend!! whoop whoop! haven't seen them in almost 6 months so I can't wait!!!

Milestones: 25 weeks to go!!

Emotions: I'm doing ok :) calmed down again since seeing everything going so well! give me two weeks and I'll be paranoid again ;)

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