Thursday, 14 February 2013

Deadline Schmedline

So the deadline for completing the house is tomorrow... or should I say was supposed to be tomorrow... We're still a long way from move in ready, considering all of our bathroom fittings look like this
Not really in the right place hey :)
Nevertheless the progress has been dramatic. The tiling is 97% completed (and will hopefully be done by the end of business today. Second coats of paint are going on. Bedroom cupboards are in and kitchen ones will arrive tomorrow. The back patio has been cast and assuming the last load of bricks arrive today the Braai will be built in too. Interior doors are also going in. Plugs and fittings are also meant to be going in today and we will hopefully have electricity by tomorrow at the latest!
Still no sign of exterior doors and windows hence the no moving in ! If we lived in a safer world I'd be tempted to move anyway but the risk of some-one 'privitising' our belonging is too great. Keep praying this all comes together soon!! if not by our deadline (which I doubt) by sometime next week!!


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